Fundraising / Sponsorships

Revenue Generation – Sponsorships / Fundraising

Our court dividers were developed for tennis, but can be used at any sporting event throughout the year. Highlight your schools colors and spirit, add traffic/crowd control to your events, all while recognizing sponsors and donors, and producing additional funds for your school! Today more and more schools are recognizing the potential of sports marketing. Our dividers can help you reach that potential.

What People Say About Us

“For any innovation to be successful, entrepreneurs must first offer a difference that is important in some respect to customers. In this case, the innovation CourtHarbor is offering provides a unique benefit to tennis facilities. So it passes the first, and always most important, criterion for success in the marketplace. Much like the backboard stands in a basketball arena, or the nets behind football goal posts, these functional additions within an athletic venue provide a new opportunity for brand merchandising. Whenever you can create a new advertising medium like this, you have just turned what normally would be an expense item into a true cash cow.”

Roger Beahm, Executive Director of the Center for Retail Innovation at Wake Forest University School of Business

“Like the pilot who first put wheels on his suitcase, I am always a bit amazed when simple ideas are introduced that seem obvious once they arrive. Court dividers to keep balls from straying into other courts? Doesn’t seem like rocket science but the acceptance of them by the U.S. Open and the United States Tennis Association means they have survived thorough testing. Add the ability to brand advertising or logos, and you suddenly have a fresh, new product idea in a surprising way.”

John Sweeney, Marketing Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill

Branding With A Corporate Partner

Enhance the look of your facility and effectively brand your program, while capitalizing on the support of a corporate partner.

Recognize A Donor / Special Friend Of Your Program

Our court dividers can recognize a donor / special friend of your program while also branding your facility and program.