Is Your Tennis Facility’s Branding Attracting or Deterring Recruits?

As college tennis coaches, you work hard trying to secure commitments from student-athletes who will make your program as competitive and successful as it can be. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to giving your program every opportunity to attract the best recruits. So, how well have your addressed the branding of your tennis facility? The branding of your tennis facility can help your program land the recruits you’ve spent time and money trying to land, or deter the recruits. Is the branding of your facility more likely to attract your recruits or deter them?

As is true with people and other facilities on campus, the first impression your tennis facility makes on your recruits is so important in their decision making process. If your facility could talk, which of the following statements would it communicate based on the current state of its branding?

1) “This Is Our House!”

2) “We are somewhat proud.”

3) “I’m a chameleon.”

4) “I’m lost. Looking for my owner.”

Not only is the branding important to your recruits, it’s equally important to your current players. Your players spend thousands of hours practicing and competing at your facility during their four-year career. Therefore, creating a practice and match day atmosphere that exudes pride in your school and program, and gives your team a home court advantage is extremely important. Don’t underestimate the power of your brand. And, what better place to promote your brand than your own facility?

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