Hundreds Of First Impressions Are Formed Every Day About Your Tennis Facility

It is well documented it only takes seven seconds for an individual to form numerous opinions of another individual. Some research shows it takes only one tenth of a second to form first impressions.

First impressions and opinions formed about tennis facilities are no different. Multiple thoughts and first impressions are formed within seconds of when a tennis player first walks on a tennis court. For example, let’s say a tennis facility averages 50 tennis players per day and each player forms five opinions of the facility. The result is 250 opinions formed per day about your tennis facility! For many tennis programs, 50 tennis players per day is a slow day.

Here’s 5 Important Questions To Address About Your Facility That Directly Impact First Impressions:

#1) Is Your Facility Clean? – There’s no greater turn off and negative impression than seeing tennis courts that have leaves, used cups or other items left on the courts. Facilities lacking cleanliness instantly conveys the impression that the tennis programs doesn’t take pride in their facility.

#2) Is Your Staff Welcoming And Friendly? – How tennis players are initially greeted, positively or negatively, makes a huge first impression that can help or hurt your tennis program.

#3) Are Your Courts Well-Maintained? – Seeing windscreens blowing in the wind, court number signs dangling on the fence or courts that haven’t been swept creates a negative impression of your facility that is difficult to overcome. To the contrary, seeing courts that are tidy and well-maintained creates a positive impression that will go a long way!

#4) Do Your Courts Effectively Promote Your Brand And Possess A Home Court Advantage? – There’s some facilities you can instantly see the professional look and feel the pride in their program the moment you walk on the court. However, with some facilities, you wouldn’t know the name of the school, club or tennis center unless someone tells you.

#5) Do Your Courts Tell A Story About The History And Tradition Of Your Program? – If your tennis program has been around for any amount of time, there’s individuals (coaches, players, donors) who have made a positive and lasting impact on your program. How are you effectively recognizing these individuals and telling your story about your program that is unique to any other, and paying tribute to memorable tournaments and events that took place at your facility? If your tennis program or facility is new, how are your effectively recognizing the individuals (donors, coaches) who helped make the program or facility possible?

Having a strategy in place to ensure these questions are properly and consistently addressed is a must. While this must be a team effort throughout the program, having specific and dedicated individuals on your staff or tennis committee whose primary task is to ensure these areas are properly addressed can be a difference maker.

Make your facility an asset to your tennis program, not a detriment!

Jon McLamb, Founder & CEO

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